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Politics 2011 New Zealand Style

The other night I on the TV news, I heard what I though at the time a very strange statement by the Minister of Police, the Hon Judith Collins.

The statement was “Helen Clark is still running the Labour Party”


In my opinion this is a true statement.

I would go several steps further:

 During Helen Clark’s somewhat sorry tenure as Prime Minister, she and her hench-persons  (more men than woman I would say) , controlled the media in New Zealand. Dirt was found and thrown at anyone opposing the Labour Government, and aimed where it would stick.

When Dr Don Brash became leader of the National Party and all but toppled   Helen’s regime at the subsequent election, the treatment of him in the press was invariably derogatory. He was always refered to as “Brash” by reporters, and described as a “Greedy Capitalist”. Calling a high profile person who was the Governor of the NZ Reserve Bank for many years, (probably NZ’s top public service job), by his surname, has to be compared with media reports about criminal offenders in the NZ justice system which are always refered to as “Mr”.